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What's the most important aspect of a lodge?

Posted by Miguel Perez on

In Aprils monthly Newsletter we asked the brothers what's the most important aspect of a lodge. The top three were Brotherly love (38%), Masonic Education (26%) and Charity (22%). 

Brotherly love: It's no surprise that the brothers enjoy the brotherly love / comradery aspects of Masonry. In todays digital world people are losing the close bonds which past generations enjoyed. Many of us grew up with large family gatherings or playing outside with our friends till the street lights turned on and playing organized sports which encouraged us to work together with others to archive a common goal.

Masonic Education: Masonic education has always been an important to the brothers. Some lodges do better than others, but I'm happy the number of lodges and grand lodges that have moved to online meetings and education has sharply increases since the start of the pandemic.  

If your lodge needs help getting your education program going there are several great resources online from podcast to blogs and vlogs that touch a wide range of Masonic topics. Look for a resource that catches your attention and use this as a spring board to help start or boast your lodges educational program. 

Charity: Pulling together with the brothers of your lodge to successfully plan and execute an charitable event can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of being a mason.

Painting the home of an elderly persons, helping give families a great Thanksgiving or Christmas and adopting a street or any other event where we are hands on tends to lead to a great bonding opportunity for brothers which leaves us feeling like we really made a difference in the world. 

Tells us what the most important aspect of a lodge is to you and why. We look forward to reading your thoughts.  

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