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Freemasonry During The Pandemic Part I

Posted by Miguel Perez on

Last month, we asked the brothers three questions to get a feel for how different Masonic jurisdictions handled the craziness and uncertainty of the pandemic.
While 2020 started just like every other year, we quickly found ourselves navigating unfamiliar waters, and Grand Masters faced with at least two tough decisions. 1) Should in-person meetings be canceled, and 2) Do they allow their jurisdiction to have virtual meetings.

For jurisdictions that were allowed to hold virtual meetings, Worshipful Masters had to determine if they would hold virtual meetings or not, and if so, what would these meetings look like?

We asked the Brothers a few questions to give you an insight into how Freemasonry in the United States handled the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Question 1) Did your lodge pivot to virtual meetings over the last year?

Yes  62.9%
No  37.1%


Question 2) If yes, did lodge participation increase?

Yes  28.8%
No 53%
N/A 18.2%


Question 3) What was your average lodge attendance during 2020?

10 or less 25%
11 to 20 45.3%
21 to 30 13.8%
31 to 40 7.5%
over 40 7.5%


Make sure to answer the questions in our Part II survey. Next month we'll take a deeper look at how Freemasonry is pulling through the pandemic. 

  • During the closure of the pandemic. Within my Lodge and jurisdiction I saw some brothers, build closer bonds by spreading the cement used in the craft. Charity was extended through out the country where needed. While operating under a cover. I found that this time helped to show us who was serious about Masonry and who was casual. Most true brothers took said time to further their knowledge of the craft and look in the reflection mirror and saw which path to take in life. I know I did.

    Wayne D selman on

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